The Abolitionist Army

coming to your town

I am the creator of the Abolitionist Concert Series. Our mission is to help Not-For-Profit organizations, who are fighting human trafficking, raise revenue and draw awareness to their programs using our (Indie on Air Records) various music platforms while leveraging our vast network across the country. We have been presenting and producing micro- music festivals in Austin, TX during SXSW since 2011.. We also produce various music events nationally year round. Our network includes radio stations, 1000’s of artist connections, music platforms, venues and industry business folks. 
Here I will share some sobering and truly disturbing statistics per human trafficking: 
- “Human Trafficking is now a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide.” ( 4/14/19) - “Globally 71% of enslaved people are women and girls.” ( - “In 2018 over half of criminal human trafficking cases active in the US were sex trafficking cases involving only children.”( - “The average age of girls that are targeted for sex trafficking is 12-14 years.” (” 
I could go on and on with disturbing facts. Also, consider the rates are higher for minority women and children and especially for indigenous women and girls .According to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) the rates for native Americans is 10 times the national average! 
                                   ​YOU CAN HELP By myself, I am merely one person. If other like-minded individuals joined our efforts we can build an army to fight human trafficking.Financially, we need help to get on the road and make our efforts successful. So we have decided to offer the following opportunities for others to get involved in this fight. 
- Buy a bumper sticker 
- Buy a bumper sticker and get your name and hometown on our registry and in our event programs - Buy a Compilation CD of independent artists who will be some of the featured artists at our events. - Buy a single download of a song off the CD - Have your business registered and identified as part of our movement in our registry and in our event programs - Become an Executive Producer of our next Compilation CD - Become the CD Title Sponsor - Become a banner sponsor at our events - Become an event sponsor. 
There are many ways you can help. We have several opportunities listed in our store on our website ​​ You can donate or you can become active. It is up to you. Opportunities range from .99 cents to $5000. Together, we can make a difference! Please join the Abolitionist Army and lets put a stop to this vicious social ill and protect our women and children. 
Best Regards, 
Jeff Popka CEO - Indie on Air Records